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SEVEN, Vol. 10 - Sayers Centenary Issue

  • "Foreword" by Dorothy L. Sayers
  • "The Centenary Year" by Christopher Dean
  • "Dorothy L. Sayers: Her Novels Today" by P. D. James
  • "University Detective Fiction Then and Now: Dorothy L. Sayers's Gaudy Night and Amanda Cross's Death in a Tenured Position" by Thomas Michael Stein
  • "From Poetaster to Poet: One Aspect of the Development of Lord Peter Wimsey" by Ralph E. Hone
  • "Dorothy L. Sayers and Music: Musicienne Malgré Elle" by William Phemister
  • "The Greatest Story, or From Mystery to Mystery" by John Thurmer
  • "Dorothy L. Sayers and Dante's Beatrice" by Ann Loades
  • "Temptation at Canterbury: T. S. Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral and Dorothy L. Sayers's The Zeal of Thy House" by Manfred Siebald
  • "An Almost Perfect Match: Dorothy L. Sayers on Cricket" by Andrew Lewis
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