Tolkien, Race, and Racism in Middle-earth
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The Mouth of Sauron

  • Item No. 9449
  • Limited Edition of 4000
  • $60 Retail
  • Artists: Jamie Beswarick, Steve Unwin
  • Size not known
  • 5 pounds

"Once a Man of noble lineage, the Mouth of Sauron became little more than a puppet of flesh for his master's will. Long having forgotten his name of birth, this dark soul was no more than a vassal of the Dark Lord, his lieutenant in the field, carrying out his master's will and delivering his messages. So poisoned and corrupted by Sauron's infection was his possessed body that his mouth had become stretched and his lips cracked and riven by the evil words he uttered." (from Sideshow Collectibles)

A character so foul and wicked, he was cut from the theatrical release of the film 'Return of the King.'

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