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Mûmak of Harad

  • Item No. 9334
  • Limited Edition of 3000
  • $300 Retail
  • Artist: David Meng
  • 11" x 14" x 18"
  • 10 pounds

"Huge beasts from the deep South, the mighty Mûmakil, are akin to Elephants, only far larger. Frodo and Sam briefly glimpsed two such creatures making their way toward Mordor, but in the assault upon Minas Tirith these mighty beasts are brought together in greater number and to terrible purpose. Hung with cruel weaponry and saddled by their Haradrim masters with lofty war towers, the Mûmakil charge in to battle crushing and destroying everything in their path. From atop their precarious perches the Haradrim rain arrows and spears down upon their foes while their beasts grind horse and Man alike underfoot.

The defeat of one of the mighty Mûmakal is expertly captured in this polystone statue, sculpted by Weta Workshop artist David Meng. With the war tower on the verge of collapse and all Haradrim riders slain, this colossal beast is captured in the midst of its inevitable fall. Each piece is hand cast and hand painted, and the base is complete with the artists signature and edition information."

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