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Crown of the King of the Dead

  • 4000 pieces
  • $30 Retail
  • Dave Tremont of WETA Workshop
  • 8" x 4.5" x 4.5" box size
  • 4 pounds

"A legend is told that long ago, the King of Dunharrow swore an allegiance of his army forever to the last King of Gondor. However, in Gondor’s cry for aid, the King and his army broke their oath and instead fled into the darkness of the mountains. As a result of their betrayal, isildur cursed the King and his army to spend eternity as a spectre, never to rest until their pledge was fulfilled. Now haunting the Paths of the Dead at the base of Dunharrow’s lifeless pathway, he bears still the war-crown that once he had worn in life, a sour reminder of the his royal betrayal to be forever worn until he and his army are called upon once again."

"This 1/4 scale metal helm is fashioned after the rotten and pitted crown of the King of the Dead, as seen in The Return of the King. Sculpted by WETA Workshop artist Dave Tremont, this helm is constructed from durable metal alloys, is hand cast and painted, and includes a polystone base for convenient display."

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