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The Gondorian Helm Collection

  • Item No. 95005
  • Limited Edition of 1,000
  • $120 retail
  • 4 helms - Not sold separately
  • Artists: Rebecca Asquith (The Helm of Faramir by Philip Fickling)
  • 14" W x 14" H x 4" D Box size
  • 10 pounds
"The Gondorian Helm Collection features four of the helms from the defenders of Minas Tirith, including the Helm of a Citadel Guard, Helm of a Fountain Guard, Helm of a Gondorian Soldier, and the Helm of Faramir. Each real metal helm is hand cast and hand painted, and includes a display base." (from Sideshow Collectibles)

  • Helm of a Citadel Guard - Charged with the defense of the White City, the Citadel Guards of Minas Tirith man the walls and battlements during the Siege of Gondor. Their lofty helms bear stylized birds' wings and stars, the noble heraldry of Gondor and gleam silver before the advancing darkness of Sauron's army on the plains below.

  • Helm of Faramir - The unloved son of a mad Steward, Faramir is ordered to retake the city of Osgiliath in the face of impossible odds. Unwilling to disobey his father the Captain of Gondor dons his elegant helm and takes horse to lead his doughty knights one last time. Upon his steel faceplate is embossed the livery of the empire he loves so well and the dead tree that was her heart and soul.

  • Helm of a Gondorian Soldier - The first defense against the might of Mordor, Gondor's infantry wear tall helms with long cheeks and sturdy nose guards to ward enemy blows. Though the nation has fallen into disrepair, still the resolve of old Gondor etches the brows of her grim soldiers, enfolded within the stylized steel wings of sea birds and with a star upon their foreheads.

  • Helm of a Fountain Guard - A memory of Gondor of old remains yet in the statuesque Guards of the Court of the Fountain. Wrapped in black robes, beneath their mithril-inlaid helms, these grim sentinels mount a ceaseless watch over Minas Tirith's fountain and the sacred, leafless husk of the ancient White Tree that sprouts from it.
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