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Terra di Mezzo

Official publication for the Società Tolkieniana Italiana (Italian Tolkien Society), issued more or less twice a year.

Terra di Mezzo (Middle-earth) started as a fanzine in 1992. In 1994 the Società Tolkieniana Italiana was formed, and in 1995 Terra di Mezzo became its official magazine. It appears that the issue numbering reset to number 1 in 1995 with the formation of the Società. I don't know what the prior numbering scheme was yet.

In 1999, the editorial staff left the Italian Tolkien Society and the magazine, and started the Endòre, while the Italian Tolkien Society continues to issue Terra di Mezzo (much reduced in size and scope) with a completely different staff.

According to the Marquette collection catalog, they have also issued the Terra di Nessuno--Speciale Tolkien newsletter and various promotional pamphlets. 1992-1993 issues of Terra di Mezzo in the Marquette Hunnewell collection. Nos. 1-2, 10 in The Tolkien Society archive.

Società Tolkieniana Italiana website

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