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The Mage

  • The Mage: A Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction
  • Colgate University
  • Hamilton NY, USA
  • Jeffrey V. Yule, ed.

Issue #3 (Summer 1985)

  • 50 pp.
  • Contains a reprint of "Gollum's Character Transformation in the Hobbit" by Bonniejean Christensen (at the time Professor of English at the University of North Dakota). This article was also printed in A Tolkien Compass edited by Jared Lobdell.
  • Also with article by Tammra Rayfield on Lee Brown Coye, with 13 illustrations by Coye
  • John Hartley on Wayland Drew's Erthring Cycle
  • Fiction from David Starkey, John Szostak, and Louis Markos
  • Poetry by t. Winter-Damon, William P. Robertson, and Bruce Goldsmith
  • Letters from Piers Anthony (quite lengthy), Isaac Asimov
  • Reviews of works by Tolkien, Michael Moorcock, Brian Lumley
  • Cover art by Jeffrey Yule
  • Illustrations by John Szostak, Tammra Rayfield

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