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Tolkien Reading Day 2020 Schedule

Guests who have confirmed interest to read and are not scheduled yet (time still TBD):
  • John Garth
  • Clifford Broadway
  • Marcel Aubron-Bülles
  • Ted Nasmith
  • Stephen Hunter (Bombur)
  • Mark Atkin (Thorin double)
  • Bruce Hopkins (Gamling)
  • James Tauber
PDT (-7)EDT (-4)GMTCEST (+1)JST (+9)NZDT (+13)Reader
2:30:00 AM5:30:00 AM9:30:00 AM10:30:00 AM6:30:00 PM10:30:00 PM 
3:00:00 AM6:00:00 AM10:00:00 AM11:00:00 AM7:00:00 PM11:00:00 PMBrian Sibley
3:30:00 AM6:30:00 AM10:30:00 AM11:30:00 AM7:30:00 PM11:30:00 PM
4:00:00 AM7:00:00 AM11:00:00 AM12:00:00 PM8:00:00 PM12:00:00 AMPatrick M. Hausen
4:30:00 AM7:30:00 AM11:30:00 AM12:30:00 PM8:30:00 PM12:30:00 AMDr. Dimitra Fimi
5:00:00 AM8:00:00 AM12:00:00 PM1:00:00 PM9:00:00 PM1:00:00 AM 
5:30:00 AM8:30:00 AM12:30:00 PM1:30:00 PM9:30:00 PM1:30:00 AM 
6:00:00 AM9:00:00 AM1:00:00 PM2:00:00 PM10:00:00 PM2:00:00 AM 
6:30:00 AM9:30:00 AM1:30:00 PM2:30:00 PM10:30:00 PM2:30:00 AMChica Chubb
7:00:00 AM10:00:00 AM2:00:00 PM3:00:00 PM11:00:00 PM3:00:00 AMDr. Luke Shelton
7:30:00 AM10:30:00 AM2:30:00 PM3:30:00 PM11:30:00 PM3:30:00 AMCarl Hostetter
8:00:00 AM11:00:00 AM3:00:00 PM4:00:00 PM12:00:00 AM4:00:00 AMDr. Sara Brown
8:30:00 AM11:30:00 AM3:30:00 PM4:30:00 PM12:30:00 AM4:30:00 AM 
9:00:00 AM12:00:00 PM4:00:00 PM5:00:00 PM1:00:00 AM5:00:00 AM? Alan - Prancing Pony Podcast
9:30:00 AM12:30:00 PM4:30:00 PM5:30:00 PM1:30:00 AM5:30:00 AM 
10:00:00 AM1:00:00 PM5:00:00 PM6:00:00 PM2:00:00 AM6:00:00 AM 
10:30:00 AM1:30:00 PM5:30:00 PM6:30:00 PM2:30:00 AM6:30:00 AMJason Fisher(?)
11:00:00 AM2:00:00 PM6:00:00 PM7:00:00 PM3:00:00 AM7:00:00 AMInternational Ring Verse readings
11:30:00 AM2:30:00 PM6:30:00 PM7:30:00 PM3:30:00 AM7:30:00 AM 
12:00:00 PM3:00:00 PM7:00:00 PM8:00:00 PM4:00:00 AM8:00:00 AMDr. Andrew Higgins
12:30:00 PM3:30:00 PM7:30:00 PM8:30:00 PM4:30:00 AM8:30:00 AMBecca Tarnas
1:00:00 PM4:00:00 PM8:00:00 PM9:00:00 PM5:00:00 AM9:00:00 AM
1:30:00 PM4:30:00 PM8:30:00 PM9:30:00 PM5:30:00 AM9:30:00 AM 
2:00:00 PM5:00:00 PM9:00:00 PM10:00:00 PM6:00:00 AM10:00:00 AM 
2:30:00 PM5:30:00 PM9:30:00 PM10:30:00 PM6:30:00 AM10:30:00 AM 
3:00:00 PM6:00:00 PM10:00:00 PM11:00:00 PM7:00:00 AM11:00:00 AM 
3:30:00 PM6:30:00 PM10:30:00 PM11:30:00 PM7:30:00 AM11:30:00 AM 
4:00:00 PM7:00:00 PM11:00:00 PM12:00:00 AM8:00:00 AM12:00:00 PMShawn - Prancing Pony Podcast
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