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The Tolkien Journal Vol. 3 no. 1

  • Tolkien Society of America
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 1967
  • Richard Plotz, ed.
  • Front cover by Ann Kruger
  • 24 pp.

    Contents include
  • Good and Evil in The Lord of the Rings by W.H. Auden (4 pp.)
  • Tolkien as Scholar and Artist by Clyde S. Kilby
  • Science Fiction Fans Salute Tolkien by Edmund R. Meskys
  • A Birthday Menu for Professor Tolkien by Nancy Smith
  • Birthday greetings from Nan Scott, P.L. Travers, Howard Nemerov, Peter Beagle, Albert Vanderburg, Gilles Gerris, George Allen & Unwin, Houghton Mifflin, Ace Books, Ballantine Books
  • Two pages of extracts from readers' reports from Houghton Mifflin Co.
  • extract of first reader's report on The Hobbit from George Allen & Unwin, 1938
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