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The Tolkien Journal Vol. 3 no. 2

  • Tolkien Society of America
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Richard Plotz, ed.
  • 1967
  • 21 pp.
  • Front cover by Tim Kirk - Last Homely House at Rivendell & "The Passage at the Dead Marshes"

  • Maps by Mrs. Howes
  • Editorial by Dick Plotz
  • Solution to Crossword
  • The Elder Ages and the Later Glaciations of the Pleistocene Epoch by Margaret M. Howes
  • List of Tolkien Translations
  • Samwise-Halfwise? or Who is the Hero of The Lord of the Rings by Jan Wojcik, S.J.
  • Letter to the editor (actually to W.H. Auden) critiquing his characterization of Sauron and speculating on the latter's origins
  • Last issue edited by Plotz and includes his resignation and a brief history of the TSA.
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