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Children of Hurin Release Party Treasure Hunt #1

Welcome to the first Tolkien Collector's Guide Treasure Hunt page!

The contest is over for the prize drawing, but the entire game is still here to be enjoyed. Have fun!

Here is how this is going to work. You will be given your first clue very soon. When you have solved that clue, you will point your web browser to a new address, which will congratulate you on solving your clue, and give you your next clue to be solved.

The address you will type in to your browser will look like this:

For example, if the clue was "What year is it?" you would type in And find your next clue! Each clue will lead to another one. There are eight clues total. When you get to the last answer page for the eighth clue, you will see instruction for how to claim the prize via email - the first correct email received will get the print you see below, signed by both Greg and Tim Hildebrant!

All clues will be solvable with information from this website, though you are of course not prohibited from using any other tools you may have available.

Find the letter of the alphabet that only has one fanzine that starts with it. What is the name of the only fanzine that starts with that letter?

Good luck! Your answer should be just the name of the fanzine, and the first letter does need to be capitalized. For example, if Gandalf were the name of the fanzine, you would point your browser at

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