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Tolkien Collector's Guide
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Tyalië Tyelelliéva #15

  • Published September 5, 2000
  • 44 pages
  • Editorial, Celestial Events
  • Legal Opinion by Robert Wade, Esq., on copyright issues, alphabets and languages, fair use, etc.
  • Letters to the Editor from Dr. Rhona Beare, (on athelas and hobbit agricultural techniques); from Nancy Martsch, (about Bree Moots); from Ryszard Derdzinski, (on agriculture and the Merin sentence)
  • New Books By Tom Shippey, report by Lisa Star
  • Movie News, weddings, conferences and Poetry Prize update
  • The Parentage of Gil-galad by Hithlin of Barad Eithel, (possible explanation for apparent inconsistencies)
  • Farmer Maggot by Ryszard Derdzinski, (artwork)
  • Arwen by Harold Ensle, (poem in Quenya with tengwar text)
  • Aman the Blessed by Olivier Alabeatrix, (poem in Quenya)
  • Etymology of Athelas, as posted on the Internet (this is also linked from Unpublished Manuscripts page
  • Elven-Skaldic Verse by Leonid Korablev, (poem in Quenya with tengwar calligraphy and linguistic analysis)
  • Tolkien Collection at Marquette (Part 1), report by Lisa Star on library holdings of special interest to linguists
  • Gnomish Names for Chestnut Trees, article by Dr. Rhona Beare
  • George Allen & Unwin: A Remembrancer, book by Rayner Unwin, review by Lisa Star
  • Land O'Hobbits Report, on a tourist "destination" in California (report)
  • Jan Boom's self-portrait as an Ent
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