Tolkien Collector's Guide
Tolkien Collector's Guide
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Tyalië Tyelelliéva #17

  • Published October 31, 2001
  • 48 pages
  • Sóval Pháre issue
  • Celestial Events, News
  • Letters to the Editor from Dr. Rhona Beare, Didier Willis, Ales Bican
  • Anduriel by Sergi Oliva Valls
  • Arien by Sergi Oliva Valls
  • Elenya Calima by Anna Jivilo
  • Altariello Nainie Mistalondesse (with calligraphy and explanation) by Ryszard Derdzinski
  • Tolkien's Swallows by Dr. Rhona Beare
  • Sóval Pháre Introduction, Grammar, and Tengwar by Lisa Star
  • Languages of Rohan and Dale by Lisa Star
  • The Tolkien Collection at Marquette, Part 4 (sic! Part 3 will be published in TT 19)
  • The Shire Post (Your Bas de Page Homework)
  • Sóval Pháre-English Wordlist
  • English-Sóval Pháre Wordlist
  • Lots of artwork mainly of rabbits and a few mysterious inscriptions which Tolkien never saw.
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