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TCG Letter #2053

Hugh Brogan
J.R.R. Tolkien
11 December 1948
In a series of seven letters, a young reader, Hugh Brogan, writes to Tolkien on the matter of his "thirst for more information about Middle-earth"Catherine McIlwaine, Bodleian Library, Oxford[1] and remarks on his family life.

In this letter, Brogan wishes Tolkien the hope of some rest over the Christmas break.Hammond/Scull, Chronology, p. 364[2] Tolkien would reply around Christmas, see Carpenter #118: Letter from J.R.R. Tolkien to Hugh Brogan • 25 December 1948 (#270)[3]

This series of letters are found in the Tolkien Papers at the Bodleain Library archive.

1 Catherine McIlwaine, Bodleian Library, Oxford
2 Hammond/Scull, Chronology, p. 364
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We note our thanks to Catherine McIllwaine for details on this letter.
MS. Tolkien 21 fols. 27-33, 35-40 (the exact distribution of folios is unknown for this and other Brogan entries of this period.)

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