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TCG Letter #481 / Carpenter Letter #168

J.R.R. Tolkien
Richard Jeffery
7 September 1955
Tolkien responds to Mr. Jeffery's letter, expressing gratitude for it. Tolkien discusses the command of Elvish script, noting that while there are no rules for its application to English, Mr. Jeffery's name is likely Richard. The author mentions the upcoming release of Volume III, which will include descriptions of tengwar and certar. They regret the inability to provide an index of names and meanings due to space constraints. The author answers questions related to Elvish words, providing the High-elven translation for "mountain-dwelling, leaf-grey, with adornment of red jewels." They explain the correct plural forms for "onod" and offer linguistic insights into names like Peregrin and Frodo, emphasizing the latter's connection to Old English and its mythological ties to the Golden Age in the North.

Tolkien closes this letter after his usual salutation with what has been called the 'Jeffery Valediction', transcription: "Namárie", meaning 'fairwell'.See entry for DTS_12[1]

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