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George S. Gordon

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26 February 1924
Kenneth Sisam to George S. Gordon

Sisam writes to Gordon. He has become alarmed at the lack of progress with the Clarendon Chaucer, saying that Tolkien "is occupied with Gawayne> influen...
28 February 1924
George S. Gordon to Kenneth Sisam

Gordon replies to Sisam's letter defending Tolkien on the matter of the delay on the Clarendon Chaucer. He says that Tolkien has had "a hellish time".
?May 1924
George S. Gordon to J.R.R. Tolkien

Gordon writes to Tolkien on various matters. Tolkien will reply to this letter informing Gordon that he retiring from the project. What Gordon says that...
?May 1924
J.R.R. Tolkien to George S. Gordon

Tolkien replies to Gordon, informing him that he is retiring from the Clarendon Chaucer.
15 May 1924
George S. Gordon to Kenneth Sisam

Gordon writes to Sisam informing him that Tolkien has agreed that his place on the Clarendon Chaucer should be taken by another and he has agreed to ret...
15 May 1924
Kenneth Sisam to George S. Gordon

Sisam replies to Gordon's letter. He supports Tolkien leaving the Clarendon Chaucer, noting that Tolkien has too much else getting in the way.
23 October 1924
J.R.R. Tolkien to Kenneth Sisam

Sisam had sent Tolkien a proof of the frontispiece for Sir Gawain and two sets of proofs from the Clarendon Chaucer with comments from Gordon and Tolkie...
22 December 1924
George S. Gordon to Kenneth Sisam

George S. Gordon sends to Kenneth Sisam the manuscript of Tolkien’s glossary and preface for the Clarendon Chaucer with a note to say that he approves...
23 December 1924
Kenneth Sisam to George S. Gordon

Further to Gordon's packet enclosing Tolkien's glossary and preface, Sisam replies with a stern warning that if Tolkien commits to as many corrections o...
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