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Interesting eBay Auctions

Interesting eBay Auctions

Mar 14, 2012

I am going to start putting interesting eBay auctions I run across (separate from the head scratching thread The Wonders of eBay ) that I think are interesting or worth a look. Feel free to add your own, or add commentary on anything posted here. I am not the seller or affiliated with any of these sellers, by default.
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Aug 8, 2012
Like it but very expensive !
Aug 8, 2012
Now we have to start calling Wayne "The Hammer".

"Thank you so much for your card about the new edition of Farmer Giles, so kind of you to write. The cover is an adaptation of the second cover I did for the book- after the original one 40 years ago! The new edition, with the Hammer's erudite notes, has a new map, added or done this year.
It was a joy to have you encouragement and thank you again.
I hope all is well with you.
Happy Christmas and every best wish- sincerely Pauline"

P.S. It clearly says "the Hammond's" to my eye.

1_5022ac39ddac5.jpg 574X800 px
Aug 11, 2012
A (currently) very cheap super-deluxe "Children of Hurin" -
eBay Item #170889921648

- wellinghall

Aug 11, 2012
And an early Folio Society "Hobbit" -

eBay Item #271030828944

- wellinghall
Aug 11, 2012
And an early Folio Society "Lord of the Rings" -

eBay Item #271031036061

- wellinghall

Aug 14, 2012
Second impression for a decent price:

eBay Item #180952210505

Aug 17, 2012
Good price but not condition:

eBay Item #221104501203

Aug 20, 2012
Aug 21, 2012
eBay Item #261082685296

Good price, djs are a little shabby, though.

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