Hi everyone, there is a discussion over in "Interesting eBay auctions" thread about international shipping that I am continuing here.

https://www.tolkienguide.com/modules/n ... t_id=12119#forumpost12119

So the question is, is there interest in having a support network of people in various countries who can potentially help out with international shipping?

The very basic idea is that you want to buy something in a foreign country, but they (a) charge too much for international shipping, or (b) don't offer it at all. You reach out through "the support network" in that country, the seller ships to that address, and the "supporter" then ships it on to you and gets reimbursed for the cost and effort.

For this basic idea, are you:
[1] Very interested and would be a supporter
[2] Interested, would use the network but would not help others
[3] Indifferent
[4] Not a good idea, would suggest instead [your suggestion goes here]
[5] Horrible idea, don't think this should be done at all.

Feel free to reply here, or message/email me privately if you want to vote but don't want to do so publicly.

I have a feeling that if this were set up we would want some sort of filtering/trust/vetting process rather than have this just be a wild west bulletin board / Craigslist approach where you have no idea who the intermediary really is.