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Tolkien Signature on ebay

13 Jan, 2015
2015-1-13 10:34:21 AM UTC

I would recommend that anyone does some due diligence on this item if they are thinking of bidding on it.

eBay Item #281555591274

The seller states "Comes with a certificate of authenticity for peace of mind", I must say it does not give me any peace of mind. I can't read the signature, Tolkien's name is spelt wrong and the company that has supposedly authenticated this (Unique Autographs inc.) has no presence on the Internet.

10_54b4f4a0869f3.jpg 635X362 px
25 Sep, 2015
2015-9-25 9:32:42 AM UTC
Please also be very careful with this item.

eBay Item #191699678493

I have serious doubts about the signature which may be printed. The seller is offering a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) with the item, which is no guarantee that the autograph is genuine. As always, Caveat Emptor.
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