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Bodleian will publish a book of new Tolkien material to coincide with 2018 exhibition

Mar 14, 2017 ... earths-new-tolkien-507701

A new book of "illustrations, letters and other material from J R R Tolkien’s archives that have never before been seen by the public" is scheduled to be published next year.

Tolkien: The Maker of Middle-Earth by Catherine McIlwaine

Catherine is the Bodleian’s Tolkien archivist.

"The publishing division of Oxford University’s Bodleian Library is to release a title featuring illustrations, letters and other material from J R R Tolkien’s archives that have never before been seen by the public, to coincide with a major exhibition on The Lord of the Rings author in 2018.

Tolkien: The Maker of Middle-Earth, written by the Bodleian’s Tolkien archivist Catherine McIlwaine, promises to take readers “far beyond what they know” about the author. New material to be showcased includes draft manuscripts of The Hobbit, Middle-Earth illustrations and paintings by Tolkien, and “letters from admirers including W H Auden, Joni Mitchell and Iris Murdoch”.

Samuel Fanous, the Bodleian’s head of publishing, said the aim was to create a book that accompanies an “unprecedented” exhibition, but also “to make something that will stand on its own”. The Bodleian will be selling the title in all English-language territories, while HarperCollins, Tolkien’s long-time publisher, has translation rights.

Tolkien, who was an Oxford professor for 35 years, left the bulk of his archives to the Bodleian. Additional material in the book is from Marquette University in Wisconsin. The exhibition on the author will open at the Bodleian in June 2018
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Nov 2, 2017
With the items being in the coming soon category of the Bodleian website, I thought I would share the mockup image of the hardcover edition, as well as the news of another companion book they are publishing for the exhibition:

Tolkien: Treasures

This volume is an excellent introduction to the world of J. R. R. Tolkien. Recounting in images and words the story of his early years and life as a scholar and family man, the book also illustrates some of the primary items associated with The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion. These include manuscripts, drawings, watercolours, letters, family photographs, and private papers. It also includes his remarkably detailed and endlessly engaging maps of Middle Earth produced over many years an annotated in his own hand.

The book brings vividly to life the astonishing range of Tolkien’s skills, from scholar, to linguist, storyteller, illustrator, herald, and mapmaker. Drawing on the Bodleian Library’s vast Tolkien archive, this book gives us a unique and highly personal glimpse into Tolkien’s worlds – scholarly, literary, creative, and domestic.

From Tolkien’s childhood in the Midlands and his experience of the First World War to his studies at school and university, and from his exquisite illustrations for his novels to his intricate and beautiful maps showing Middle-earth’s topography, this stunning book, faithfully reproducing many of the treasures of the Tolkien Archive in Oxford, is the perfect introduction to Tolkien’s life and works.

144 pages, 196 x 196 mm
ISBN: 9781851244966
Publication June 2018

Catherine McIlwaine is the Tolkien Archivist at The Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford. ... on/tolkien-treasures.html

1_59fb63e46e323.jpg 1535X1366 px

1_59fb63ec41586.jpg 1417X1625 px
Nov 2, 2017
Those both look great! Thanks or sharing.
Nov 2, 2017
Trotter, any idea of when this can be ordered/paid for?

Nov 2, 2017
I ordered mine today through their website.
Nov 2, 2017
Oh, right. I'll get ordering!

Nov 2, 2017

Khamûl wrote:
Oh, right. I'll get ordering!


These aren't limited, though, right? Is there any advantage in ordering now given they don't come out for a year or so?
Nov 2, 2017
The normal copies, no. The deluxe is limited to 500 copies. No idea how well these will sell at that price...

Each of the seven authors contributing to catalogue has signed the hand-numbered limitation page, guaranteeing authenticity and making this a truly unique edition for collectors. The edition is strictly limited to 500 copies and is expected to be in high demand.

I'd guess one of those seven authors may be CT; just a guess though. I didn't buy it on that assumption, it just looks like an interesting & significant edition.

Nov 3, 2017
Is the deluxe available to order, already?

Edit: Ahh, I missed that due to no picture on the website. I'm a little torn as it is rather expensive.

Edit 2: What the hell. I recently sold my Motorcycle that has been sitting in the UK unused for 17 years. Proceeds now spent on pre-order.
Nov 3, 2017
Thanks for the tip-off; ordered!
Nov 3, 2017
I have ordered a deluxe signed copy myself. I have no idea if these will sell well or be available for a long time from the Bodleian, and I don't mind. It looks to be a fabulous production, I am itching for the silk-screened prints that come only with the deluxe edition, and all of the proceeds go to the Bodleian to support their mission/book collection, so I feel it is money well spent all around.

I do have a feeling that they will sell well, though.
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