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Bodleian printers sheets for Exhibition book

23 Feb, 2018 (edited)
2018-2-23 7:57:46 PM UTC

Here's a tidbit from the Bodleian Twitter account on the imminent publication of the exhibition book. Getting excited to see this...

still no official word on the Collector's Edition available, but I hope to be able to share something soon.

1_5a90721b07a01.jpg 2048X895 px
23 Feb, 2018
2018-2-23 8:29:09 PM UTC
There's also a photo of the same gentleman, Bodleian Head of Publishing Dr. Samuel Fanous, examining proof sheets of the catalog here.

247_5a90798fe7618.jpeg 812X1200 px
23 Feb, 2018
2018-2-23 9:10:41 PM UTC
Thanks for that second pic Aelfwine!
23 Feb, 2018
2018-2-23 9:59:27 PM UTC
Second photo:
Nope, I don't see those contributor's signatures anywhere...
24 Feb, 2018
2018-2-24 7:07:24 AM UTC
These are some internal pages of the "Tolkien:" Maker of Middle-earth "edition.


Aelfwine wrote:
There's also a photo of the same gentleman, Bodleian Head of Publishing Dr. Samuel Fanous, examining proof sheets of the catalog here.

2174_5a910ebf236ed.jpg 2560X1399 px

2174_5a910ed00d8bf.jpg 2560X1399 px

2174_5a910edd56cfc.jpg 2560X1399 px

2174_5a910ee949b10.jpg 2560X1399 px

2174_5a910ef992e4d.jpg 2560X1399 px
24 Feb, 2018
2018-2-24 12:23:55 PM UTC
Thanks for that preview. So exciting to anticipate what this book will eventually be like :)
25 Feb, 2018
2018-2-25 6:08:35 PM UTC
Thanks Tolkieniano! What's the source for these images? I'd like to link back to where they came from if possible.
25 Feb, 2018
2018-2-25 6:13:48 PM UTC
I'm looking more closely at that first photo of Dr. Fanous with all the stacks and stacks of sheets, and noticed - there are handwritten notes on the top page!

If you look at the sheet he is holding up, the lower left quadrant has what looks like "LO" or a "g" or "9" written on it. The sheet underneath does not have that note, and it is in a different location on the stack of (the same) sheets to his right.

Corrections? Or just approval signoff? You can see how excited I am to finally see the book, though...
25 Feb, 2018 (edited)
2018-2-25 8:36:47 PM UTC
I wonder whether those are signature numbers? Or otherwise some sort of lot number for each group of sheets?

FWIW, at 32 pages per sheet (16 per side * 2), the announced 416 page book will have 13 signatures, which is in line with the apparent numbers I see (4, 7, 8, 9)
26 Feb, 2018 (edited)
2018-2-26 3:34:27 AM UTC
That's a really good guess! In any event, I am quite looking forward to it.

And per my question to Tolkieniano, I note that those images have been given to amazon to promote the book

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Tolkien - Maker of Middle-earth

Bodleian Library, University of Oxford (2018-07-25)

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