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Bodleian collectibles on sale with Exhibition June 1 2018

Bodleian collectibles on sale with Exhibition June 1 2018

Mar 2 (edited)

The Bodleian Libraries has shared some additional news about collectibles that will be available for purchase during the upcoming Exhibition launching June 1st.

These Luthien earrings look absolutely incredible!
bodleian earrings.jpeg

As a Tolkien puzzle collector, I am really looking forward to this particular item:
a jigsaw featuring Tolkien’s painting of the dragon Smaug lying on his treasure hoard conceals its own hidden treasure: small pieces shaped like a goblet, an axe and a hunting horn.

Other items mentioned and pictured are: pillows, tea towels, journals, jewelry, a silk scarf, buttons, mugs, a very nice looking leather bookmark, postcards, and much more.

With thanks to Trotter for sharing the article here earlier.

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Mar 3
The cuff links and scarf are very pretty. Thanks for sharing!
Mar 6
Received this update from the Bodleian:

The products featured in the blog still need to receive approval, so not all items may make it into the final range.

But all items should make it onto our online store and we ship everything internationally.
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