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Bodleian printers sheets for Exhibition book

Bodleian printers sheets for Exhibition book

Feb 23 (edited)

Here's a tidbit from the Bodleian Twitter account on the imminent publication of the exhibition book. Getting excited to see this...

still no official word on the Collector's Edition available, but I hope to be able to share something soon.

1_5a90721b07a01.jpg 2048X895 px
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Feb 23
Second photo:
Nope, I don't see those contributor's signatures anywhere...
Feb 24
These are some internal pages of the "Tolkien:" Maker of Middle-earth "edition.


Aelfwine wrote:
There's also a photo of the same gentleman, Bodleian Head of Publishing Dr. Samuel Fanous, examining proof sheets of the catalog here.

2174_5a910ebf236ed.jpg 2560X1399 px

2174_5a910ed00d8bf.jpg 2560X1399 px

2174_5a910edd56cfc.jpg 2560X1399 px

2174_5a910ee949b10.jpg 2560X1399 px

2174_5a910ef992e4d.jpg 2560X1399 px
Feb 24
Thanks for that preview. So exciting to anticipate what this book will eventually be like :)
Feb 25
Thanks Tolkieniano! What's the source for these images? I'd like to link back to where they came from if possible.
Feb 25
I'm looking more closely at that first photo of Dr. Fanous with all the stacks and stacks of sheets, and noticed - there are handwritten notes on the top page!

If you look at the sheet he is holding up, the lower left quadrant has what looks like "LO" or a "g" or "9" written on it. The sheet underneath does not have that note, and it is in a different location on the stack of (the same) sheets to his right.

Corrections? Or just approval signoff? You can see how excited I am to finally see the book, though...
Feb 25
I wonder whether those are signature numbers? Or otherwise some sort of lot number for each group of sheets?

FWIW, at 32 pages per sheet (16 per side * 2), the announced 416 page book will have 13 signatures, which is in line with the apparent numbers I see (4, 7, 8, 9)
Feb 26
That's a really good guess! In any event, I am quite looking forward to it.

And per my question to Tolkieniano, I note that those images have been given to amazon to promote the book

Feb 26
Jeremy, forgive my delay. Yes, I found those photos on Amazon.
Mar 2
Thanks Trotter - There's a lot of interesting news in there! I am going to start a new thread to add some thoughts and put on the homepage.
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