Because many people are asking what's new in the second edition of the Reader's Guide, I did a quick comparison of the online topic lists provided by Wayne and Christina - first edition topic list is here, and second edition topic list is here.

Note that pretty much all topics were at least touched upon, if not significantly enhanced - this post is not meant to show all of the topics that changed - just new ones that were added to the second edition, or topics moved elsewhere marked by topic.

  • The 'Alphabet of Dairon'
  • The 'Ambidexters Sentence'
  • ‘Analysis of fragments of other languages found in The Lord of the Rings’ [new edition: The Lord of the Rings, p. 726 and Words, Phrases and Passages in The Lord of the Rings, pp. 1441-2]
  • The Art of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • The Art of The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Atlakviða
  • Authorial Presence

  • Barnett, Allen
  • Barrie, James Matthew
  • The Battle of Maldon
  • Beowulf: A Translation and Commentary Together with The Sellic Spell
  • Beren and Lúthien (book)
  • ‘The Bodleian Declensions’
  • Bowra, Cecil Maurice
  • Brown, Walter Rolfe
  • Buchan, John
  • Buckhurst, Helen Thérèse McMillan

  • Carroll, Lewis
  • A Closed Letter to Andrea Charicoryides . . . Sometimes Known as Charles Williams 
  • Collingwood, Robin George
  • Common Eldarin Noun: Structure 
  • ‘Common Quendian Declension’
  • Comparative Tables 
  • The Complaint of Mîm the Dwarf 
  • Composition, Manner of
  • The Corrigan
  • Cowling, George Herbert

  • De Zulueta, Francis
  • Declension of Nouns 

  • The Elvish Alphabets
  • ‘Elvish Reincarnation’ [new edition: Some Notes on 'Rebirth']
  • ‘The Entu, Ensi, Enta Declension’
  • ‘Essay on Phonetic Symbolism’
  • Essays Presented to Charles Williams 

  • Fairbank, Christian Albert Hastings
  • The Fall of Arthur (poem)
  • The Fall of Arthur (book)
  • ‘Fate and Free Will’ (notes)
  • Fate and free will (topic)
  • The Feanorian Alphabet 
  • Field, Geoffrey Simpson
  • Firth, Charles Harding
  • Freston, Hugh Reginald
  • Free will and Fate [new edition: Fate and free will]

  • Gale, St Teresa [new edition: St Teresa Gale]
  • Gawain’s Leave-taking 
  • ‘The Gnomish Lexicon Slips’
  • ‘Goldogrin Pronomial Prefixes’
  • Gordon, Robert Hope

  • Hall, William Ernest
  • Henry Bradley, 3 Dec., 1845–23 May, 1923 
  • The History of The Hobbit

  • ‘Introduction to the “Elder Edda”’

  • J.R.R. Tolkien’s Letters to Rhona Beare 

  • Kainendan 
  • Kalevala (including The Story of Kullervo)
  • ‘The Koivienéni Manuscript’

  • The Lay of Aotrou and Itroun (book)
  • The Lay of Beowulf 
  • The Lay of the Children of Húrin
  • The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún (including Völsungakviða en nýja and Guðrúnarkviða en nýja

  • McIntosh, Angus
  • Mackreth, John
  • Maps
  • Mary Michael
  • Massiah-Palmer, Werner William Thomas
  • Measures, Alfred Ernest
  • Mitton family
  • Mountain family

  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Noel
  • Notes for Qenya Declensions 
  • Nouns

  • ‘Old English Verse’
  • On Ælfwine’s Spelling
  • On ‘The Kalevala’ or Land of Heroes
  • Oxford Poetry 1915

  • ‘The Plotz Declension’
  • Primitive Quendian Structure 
  • ‘The Problem of Lhûn
  • The Prophecy of the Sibyl 

  • ‘Qenya Conjugations’
  • ‘Qenya Declensions’
  • Qenya Grammar 
  • ‘Qenya Word-Lists’
  • Quenya: Outline of Phonology 
  • Quenya Verb Structure 

  • Rattenbury, R.M.
  • Realities: An Anthology of Verse
  • Rhodes, Philip Grafton Mole
  • Romanticism

  • The Seafarer
  • A Secret Vice: Tolkien on Invented Languages (book)
  • Sellic Spell 
  • Shakespeare, Donald William Edward, known as Anthony
  • Shakespeare, William
  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (W.P. Ker Lecture)
  • Some Notes on ‘Rebirth’
  • Staples, Osric Osmumd
  • The Story of Kullervo (book)

  • Tengwesta Qenderinwa
  • St Teresa Gale
  • Thompson, Francis
  • Thompson, Louis Lionel Harry
  • Tolhurst, Bernard Joseph
  • Tolhurst, Denis Anthony
  • Tolkien Estate
  • ‘Tom Bombadil: A Prose Fragment’
  • Trimingham, Harold Gilbert Lutyens
  • ‘The “Turin Wrapper”’ 

  • Wagner, Richard Wilhelm
  • The Wanderer
  • Windle, Michael William Maxwell
  • Winter’s Tales for Children I
  • Words, Phrases and Passages in Various Tongues in The Lord of the Rings 

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