Hi all,

I've made some updates to the Recent Activity sidebar. Here they are:

  • Topics may have a red dot on them, showing that there are unread posts. You have to be logged in in order to see these (and to get credit for "reading" them).

  • clicking on a topic in the recent activity sidebar will now take you to the oldest unread post, rather than the most recent one. If there are no unread posts, it will take to to the last post as usual.

  • Because this is new code, all posts are currently unread for all users. Sorry about that! Clicking on a topic will mark it as read (you don't have to page through every reply) so it should clear up pretty quickly and accurately reflect actual new posts for you.

  • There is a popup now when you hover on a topic in the recent activity sidebar. I am still thinking about what is useful to put in here, but for now it shows number of visits to the topic, number of replies, and the names of the authors of any unread posts.

Please give me feedback! There are likely some oddities I haven't found yet or didn't think of, and ideas for additional functionality are always welcome.