I put together the following PDF as a guide to the exhibition in Oxford. Everyone is welcome to download and print out. It works well two-sided in A4 or even US "letter" size.

My reasoning was that the exhibition catalog was sent to the printers before the actual exhibition was finalized, and some changes were made in the months between. For example, some new personal items from the family were added, and some items that the catalogue says are on display ended up not fitting in the space available.

I am working on further documenting the exhibition, so I will have additional info to share (and may need some help on the ground as I can no longer drop in again for further research).

In the meantime, I hope this helps enhance some visits to the exhibition!

https://www.tolkienguide.com/uploads/M ... th%20Exhibition%20Map.pdf

I would love if those who find this useful could leave a note here (sort of a guest book), but you are under no obligation to do so.

Maker of Middle-earth Exhibition Map v3.png