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Unknown Hobbit Chess Set

Unknown Hobbit Chess Set

Jul 18, 2018

I recently received this chess set from my father. It was one of the ones he taught me on and has always been my favorite. Through the years, I've tried finding one like it and haven't been able to. Since he gave it to me, I renewed the search with the same result. Considering I can't find any information on it, I'm starting to think it's unlicensed.

The attachments have a (bad) picture of the whole set, along with some of the queens, knights, pawns, and bishops. The underside of each piece is stamped with either c.1978 or c.1979.

Any information anyone may have about where this set came from would be greatly appreciated.

4804_5b4edfc2b3e3a.jpg 720X960 px

4804_5b4edfdaf2161.jpg 720X960 px
Jul 18, 2018
This is from the Fellowship Foundry, 1978-79. Kevin O'Hare, the only real Hobbit set out there, I believe. This one is very cool. Both light side Bishops are Beorn, one as a man & one as a bear. Both Queens are the Erebor; the back side has a tiny hole high up for the back door. The dark side has warg riders as Kns and trees with spiders for Rs.
He also did a LR set, 1978, "The Fellowship vs.The Dark Forces" with an interesting & large board.
Jul 19, 2018
Fellowship Foundry board.
Off ebay from 2017.

101_5b50b85517b1f.jpg 1600X1199 px
Jan 9
What Arbor stated is correct, these were made by Fellowship Foundry they were offered by the Tinder Box Tobacco stores, as I remember they retailed for about 500.00.
I was an employee back then and have a set also.
Jan 9
Thanks for the additional info, moon!
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