Jason Fisher has kindly provided a in-depth review of Hilary Tolkien's Black & White Ogre Country to TCG.

It’s best to judge Black & White Ogre Country not by its length but by its charm, a quality suffusing nearly every one of the volume’s eighty of so pages. The bulk of this slim book transcribes a notebook of the reminiscences of Hilary Tolkien, younger brother of J. R. R. Tolkien. In the notebook, he recorded — years later, “after World War II” (iv) — childhood stories of a fictionalized but semi-autobiographical nature. Hilary’s notebook lay forgotten for many years, but it was recently unearthed in an attic by his grandson, Chris, the son of Hilary’s eldest child, Gabriel. Read more...

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Black and White Ogre Country

ADC Publications Ltd (2009T)

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