Amon Hen 273.jpg

A bit late in posting this announcement from the Tolkien Society, but it is wonderful news and well worth sharing at any time.

The Tolkien Society now offers digital PDF copies of most copies of Amon Hen, all issues of Mallorn, and Anduril #1 for download from their website to all Society members. At £30 for a one year membership (£10 if you are a student) this is a wonderful opportunity to see such a large archive of Tolkien Society publications.

Amon Hen issues 35-273 (not available are 1-34, 43 and 129; 171, 183 and 184 are temporarily not downloadable due to a technical glitch).

Mallorn 1-58 (including the massive and important issue #33 - Proceedings of the J.R.R. Tolkien Centenary Conference 1992)

Anduril #1 (April 1972 issue)

The Tolkien Society website