Hi all, the following comes from Nancy Martsch at Beyond Bree - I have my copy ordered and should have it in hand soon for review.

The 2019 "Beyond Bree" Calendar Collector's Edition

2019 marks the final "Beyond Bree" Calendar by Calendar Editor Daniel Smith. He has produced nine beautiful Calendars for "Beyond Bree" over the last decade and he wanted to do something special for his tenth "Beyond Bree" Calendar. So, in addition to the regular 2019 Calendar, he has created a special Collector's Edition. This is limited to 20 Calendars only, each containing two new, never-before published pieces of art created expressly for the "Beyond Bree" Calendars. These two new pictures will not be reproduced in any other "Beyond Bree" publication ever again.

Gordon James Palmer has painted daylight picture of the rescue by "The Eagles" (July), and Anke Eissmann has created a colour portrait of "Ioreth of Gondor" (August).

These Collector's Edition Calendars are signed by Calendar Editor Daniel Smith and "Beyond Bree" Editor Nancy Martsch.

Each Calendar is protected in a white cardboard mailer.

The 2019 "Beyond Bree" Collector's Edition Calendar, limited edition of 20:
Cost $25 + shipping, $3 USA, $6 foreign.

To pay by PayPal: Send payment (in US $) to [email protected] (this is a name, not a link). Please add $1 for the PayPal fee.

To pay by mail: send check or money order (in US $, drawn on a US bank) payable to Nancy Martsch, PO Box 55372, Sherman Oaks, CA, 91413, USA.

For more information, contact Nancy Martsch, [email protected]