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1978 George Allen & Unwin advertisement flyer

1978 George Allen & Unwin advertisement flyer

Jan 8

With thanks to Stefan Borgschulze on facebook for bringing this to my attention - here is the one-sheet advertisement flyer that was included with the 1978 Tolkien calendar from George Allen & Unwin, which lists the fortcoming books for the year:
- J.R.R. Tolkien: A Biography - first time in paperback
- The Complete Guide to Middle-Earth by Robert Foster - First UK release, paperback and hardback
- The Father Christmas Letters - first time in paperback
- The Tolkien Calendar 1979
- Map of Beleriand - 30" by 20" full colour poster map
- The Road goes Ever On - revised edition, which includes Bilbo's Last Song for the first time

If anyone has a copy of the Map of Beleriand, that's one I would love to add to my personal collection some day!

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Jan 8
In response to Stefan, my friend Alan on Facebook shared his entire marketing portfolio that George Allen & Unwin sent out in the 1977/1978 timeframe (based on the dates of some of these, it seems clear to me that these didn't all come out at the same time), and gave me permission to share them here as well. Enjoy!

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Jan 8
Someone else with the circular Silmarillion sticker!
Jan 13
Wonderful. Love those posters and the circular sticker - never seen one.
Jan 13
^ Uh, what do you think my avatar is?!
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