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The Dialect of The Huddersfield District
By Stu
Shirrif (Moderator)

The Dialect of The Huddersfield District

Mar 26 (edited)

Given that we don't know what the Dust Jacket actually looked like (other than Perhaps Wayne who has seen one), I'm trying to make something plausible just to protect the spine of the book from UV on the shelf. I can figure out the correct size easily enough (as I know how wide the flaps were from shadowing on the endpapers).

Any suggestions, help, etc. welcomed

[Edit: It looked nothing whatsoever like my first musings, attached here! ]

228_5c99e73fdc603.png 2828X1288 px
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Mar 27
Good enough...

228_5c9b07d3e9096.jpg 1079X1489 px
Mar 27
Looks awesome, thank you!
Mar 27
Amazing work Stu!!!
Mar 27

Lokki wrote:
Amazing work Stu!!!

Ta. Looks decent enough for now. Even the blank panel on the back actually looks OK when on the book.

Hopefully at some point I can get photos of the real thing and finish it off...

228_5c9be3c371218.jpg 2016X1512 px
Mar 28
Few small changes based on contemporaneous jackets

228_5c9c7b2e2f912.png 1816X836 px
Mar 29
When you are looking on the title on the spine, do you think the formatting is right? I only ask because on the spine of the book it is written a little bit different...
Mar 29
It isn't exactly the same, but meh, the entire jacket is just educated guesswork. I'll fine tune it if i get more info.

228_5c9dddc07d580.jpg 640X480 px
Mar 29
That would probably be a bit closer, but is tricky to match.

228_5c9de12d911af.png 310X428 px
Mar 29
With spine change

228_5c9de23c9d191.png 2080X1196 px
Mar 29
Great job Stu
your talents are never ending
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