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Individual Value of 1st Edition 1st Imp. LOTR Set

Individual Value of 1st Edition 1st Imp. LOTR Set

Apr 11

I would love to buy the books individually, but I understand that established sellers usually try to lump the books together and sell it as a set.

May I ask how you would allocate the value of each book? For example, lets say the set is worth GBP 30,000. Hypothetically all three books are in equivalent near-fine condition. Would you say, individually they are worth 1:1:1 of GBP 30,000 (GBP 10,000 each, I know highliy unlikely)? What do you guys think? Obviously the Return of the King would cost far less since it was printed in larger number.
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Apr 13

The_Antiquarian wrote:
Hello guys, thank you very much for your wisdom!

I talked to an established bookseller and he puts the price of the Fellowship of the Ring and the Two Towers near-equivalent.

Anyhow, thank you!

Sounds about right. I think TT is a little bit lower priced, but not even close to the difference between RoTK and the others.
Apr 14
Yeah, RoTK should be priced lower as it is more common on the market. I would place FoTR and TT in the similar price range.

Here is a part of my grandfather's and father's first edition collection. Most of the collection is stored in boxes as I do not have enough space for everything at this time. There are a lot of early (and first) impressions. I did buy some of the first editions myself to complete the impressions.

What is interesting, I do have some variations that are not mentioned anywhere, not even in Hammond.

For instance , I have a first impression RoTK wih dozens of variants, not just the famous 4 variant.

2001_5cb30374b1023.jpg 4608X3456 px

2001_5cb3055439e93.jpg 4608X3456 px
Apr 14
Some more variations of the first impression RotK

2001_5cb30735dc079.jpg 4608X3456 px

2001_5cb307e034fda.jpg 4608X3456 px
Apr 14
This looks amazing!!!
Thanks for sharing
Apr 14
Details of textual history tend to accumulate over time, thanks largely to the efforts of collectors who take the time to acquire and closely compare copies. We would be very interested to know more about the dozens of variants mentioned, not just for bibliographical interest but in case the published text needs to be corrected.

Wayne & Christina
Apr 14
Dear Ithildin, thank you for the kind words, much appreciated.

Dear Wayne and Christina, I will gladly send you all the variations I have in my first impression RoTKs.

I will need some time though as there are numerous mistakes in one of the books, as soon as I am finished with cataloging I will send you what I have.
Apr 15
Thanks very much, Lokki.

Wayne & Christina
Apr 15
That is quite a collection!
Apr 15
Thank you Stu! It is only a small part of the entire collection, there are a lot of books.
Apr 15
For instance; some of the uncorrected proofs currently taken out from our storage for my study.

2001_5cb4bc4894940.jpg 2448X2448 px
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