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Newsweek - 3rd Special Tolkien Edition

27 May, 2019
2019-5-27 12:19:43 AM UTC

The third such issue from Newsweek's Special Editions run, this issue features

  • Creating Middle-earth: The story of the man who crafted one of fiction's most influential worlds.
  • Tracing Their Journey: A detailed map illustrating the Fellowship's trek.
  • Searching for Tolkien: A sneak peek at the new biopic from Fox Searchlight

It also includes some information on the forthcoming Amazon Prime Lord of the Rings series including reproducing the 2nd age map made by Amazon.

It can be found in some stores (typically Barnes & Noble and specialty stores that carry a lot of magazines) or ordered online for $12.99 plus shipping.

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27 May, 2019
2019-5-27 9:31:09 AM UTC
Wow, $29.30 for delivery!
27 May, 2019
2019-5-27 6:59:24 PM UTC
This is not unusually high for airmail from the USA for a heavy magazine. A two pound "first class airmail" package for me to ship to Europe is about $37.00. A big reason why I stopped shipping things internationally was when they dropped the option for surface (inexpensive) mail.

Also why I am bringing a bunch of stuff for friends to Birmingham in August.
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