I noticed this a while ago, if you look at archive.org, it is hosting a lot of copyright books, this is a Tolkien search, https://archive.org/details/opensource?and%5B%5D=tolkien&sin=

This is now in the courts.

While the move was welcomed by those in favor of open access to education, publishers and pro-copyright groups slammed the decision, with some describing it as an attempt to bend copyright law and others declaring the project as mass-scale piracy.

Today, major publishers Hachette Book Group, Inc., HarperCollins Publishers LLC, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., and Penguin Random House LLC went to war with the project by filing a copyright infringement lawsuit against the Internet Archive and five ‘Doe’ defendants in a New York court.

The plaintiffs, all member companies of the Association of American Publishers, effectively accuse the Internet Archive (IA) of acting not dissimilarly to a regular pirate site. In fact, the complaint uses those very words.
“The Open Library Is Not a Library, It Is an Unlicensed Aggregator and Pirate Site”

https://torrentfreak.com/publishers-su ... -it-a-pirate-site-200601/