So, two things have led to me making this post:

1) the existence of the purple Unfinished Tales, which resembles The History of Middle-earth books

2) way back when the slipcased collector's edition of The History of Middle-earth got posted, I remember a post where a member here (whose name I cannot remember) posted a series of photos that they've made of how that release should have looked - namely, the same 'curve' that the rest of the titles in that format have.

So hopefully someone can whip an image for me, if not too tricky...just to SEE it.

John Howe provided cover art for Tolkien books for HarperCollins during the '90s - most famously, the paperbacks of The History of Middle-earth.

Going by what I've mentioned above, I think it would be neat to see someone create a book cover of Unfinished Tales in paperback, but made to look like The History of Middle-earth paperbacks.

It would use this image ( ) as the cover art, with this design aesthetic - the black bordering ( )

If it's not too tricky to create, I'd love to see a fan-made creation of Unfinished Tales that resembles The History of Middle-earth.