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26 Oct, 2007
2007-10-26 9:18:35 AM UTC
[Update - Just after posting this I found Jason's post here as well. Gotta fix those anonymous postings so they come through automatically...]

One never knows.... I was of the same opinion as those voiced here (looks convincing, but that letter couldn't be written by CJRT...)

As it turns out, the letter and signature are authentic (though the seller is not whom the letter was written to.) For the whole story, read this interesting blog post and comments here:

The note and signed bookplates were originally sent to Carl F. Hostetter. Wish I got nice letters like that from Christopher...
26 Oct, 2007
2007-10-26 11:16:24 PM UTC
Thanks Rowns.
Amazing, I guess you can be too sceptical sometimes.
Did anyone catch how much this went for?

30 Oct, 2007
2007-10-30 9:39:27 PM UTC
It was cancelled before ending. Don't know if eBay killed it because of the controversy or if the seller pulled it.
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