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Happy Birthday Urulókë!

20 May, 2021 (edited)
2021-5-20 3:55:13 PM UTC

Good morning! This is Urulókë's wife popping in to spread the news that it is his birthday tomorrow! Please send him your happiest birthday wishes!

20 May, 2021
2021-5-20 3:59:44 PM UTC
Merya Nostarë!
20 May, 2021
2021-5-20 4:02:11 PM UTC
This is BIG news!

Happy birthday Urulókë! We all have a forum to come together because of you.

I know how hard you work on this site everyday and appreciate it so much. But don't do any work tomorrow, enjoy your 50th!!
20 May, 2021
2021-5-20 4:17:04 PM UTC
Congratulations on joining the big 50 club
Have a great day whatever you are planning ???????????
20 May, 2021
2021-5-20 4:21:56 PM UTC
Happy birthday

10_60a68c980f9bf.jpg 2388X1964 px
20 May, 2021
2021-5-20 4:23:04 PM UTC
Congrats. I feel comforted knowing you are only a month or so younger than me! For some reason I thought you were 10 years younger but turns out you are ancient, too!
20 May, 2021
2021-5-20 4:29:12 PM UTC
Happy Birthday, Jeremy ????
Have a beautiful day tomorrow,
Best wishers for the next 50 years ???
20 May, 2021
2021-5-20 4:29:22 PM UTC
It's not midnight yet, I am still in my 40s, I am still in my 40s.......
20 May, 2021
2021-5-20 4:31:52 PM UTC
Congratulations. I wish you the best It is an honor to have a good person like you on the forum, always ready to help and with such good taste.
20 May, 2021
2021-5-20 4:39:31 PM UTC

Urulókë wrote:

It's not midnight yet, I am still in my 40s, I am still in my 40s.......

You almost certainly will not turn into a pumpkin. 20% chance at the outside.
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