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Tolkien Collector's Guide
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28 Aug, 2021
2021-8-28 5:54:23 PM UTC
Grabbing mine as i type this! Can't wait to get home and crack it open!

5015_612a783a97eed.jpg 2000X3756 px
30 Aug, 2021
2021-8-30 1:51:30 PM UTC
It appears that they are on sale in Waterstones in the UK.

Just off to the store to collect my copy.

10_612ce25de8111.jpg 599X536 px
30 Aug, 2021
2021-8-30 2:09:01 PM UTC
We might have a cardboard box to protect the deluxe edition, as this recent reprint of the LotR Deluxe edition seems to suggest :

4888_612ce67643c4c.jpg 1600X1200 px
30 Aug, 2021
2021-8-30 3:00:38 PM UTC
This is the UK Trade version

10_612cf28a70af0.jpg 1620X1080 px

10_612cf28a70f1c.jpg 1620X1080 px

10_612cf28a71288.jpg 1360X1080 px

10_612cf28a71686.jpg 1459X1080 px

10_612cf28a71a82.jpg 1920X808 px
30 Aug, 2021
2021-8-30 3:56:03 PM UTC
I believe there was a statement from HarperCollins a while back saying that all deluxe editions would now have their own box for shipping.
30 Aug, 2021
2021-8-30 4:12:19 PM UTC
Trotter - looks like the UK trade edition of NoMe is a smidge shorter than the recent illustrated editions for S and UT - can you confirm?
30 Aug, 2021
2021-8-30 4:24:51 PM UTC
It looks the same size to me

and they managed to include J.R.R. Tolkien on the spine.

10_612d064b254d6.jpg 1620X1080 px
30 Aug, 2021
2021-8-30 5:30:25 PM UTC
Thanks! The US/HMH edition is about 1cm (~1/2 inch) shorter.
30 Aug, 2021
2021-8-30 7:42:37 PM UTC

Urulókë wrote:

Thanks! The US/HMH edition is about 1cm (~1/2 inch) shorter.
I think that's part of what I'm most curious about for future releases.
Will HC release a different sized edition in the US or just got with 1 size overall.
30 Aug, 2021
2021-8-30 9:48:34 PM UTC
Well I got my shipping notifications from Book Depository, so my copies have begun their (no-doubt tortuous) journey to the upside-down. I'm avoiding reviews in the meantime, as I will be reading this in small bites when it arrives (due to time) and will be nice to discover it through my own eyes.
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