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8 Sep, 2021
2021-9-8 9:36:37 PM UTC
I am reading the book in order, and one thing I really like about Part One, apart from its intrinsic interest, is how it has enhanced my appreciation of Tolkien's later ideas as published elsewhere. The roundworld cosmology is often dismissed as being a bit aesthetically uncouth, but the greatly enhanced timespans here along with the increased number of generations of men and elves really does give a great sense of depth - it "strongly evokes a sense of ‘untold tales’, even in the telling of them".

My thanks to the editor!
9 Sep, 2021
2021-9-9 1:59:39 AM UTC
I will read this as other HoMe volumes, cover to cover with a bookmark for place, one for endnotes, & one for bibliography. Grateful I am Christopher Tolkien knew he could trust you with this task.
9 Sep, 2021
2021-9-9 2:45:47 AM UTC
It was in the early 1970s that I became aware of Tolkien fanzines. Words fail me to express how we'd have yearned for publication of texts such as, from the news and comments I've been seeing here, this book contains. People like Bob Foster wrote the Guide to Middle-earth for fanzine publication, then more durable presentation in a Mirage Press hardcover (with a delectable Tim Kirk wraparound design for the dust jacket) -- and had just the books published in JRRT's lifetime and a few gleanings from sources such as Niekas #18's interview with Tolkien. Some of those early-generation fans haven't lived to see this abundance. We lost Ed Meskys, an editor of Niekas, a few weeks ago. At least Ed knew this book was going to appear.
9 Sep, 2021
2021-9-9 4:23:10 AM UTC
Thanks Dale, I completely agree - to me this books feels like a final gift from Tolkien to all us fans who are always hungry for more.

Thank you Aelfwine for all your hard work bringing this together for us.

Also, here is John D. Cofield’s review on Amazon: ... collsguid-20&linkCode=osi
10 Sep, 2021
2021-9-10 5:08:02 PM UTC
Here is the AMA thread if you have questions for Carl ... _editor_of_the_nature_of/
10 Sep, 2021
2021-9-10 8:45:01 PM UTC
Carl has pretty much finished the AMA and some interesting Questions and Answers, which you can see on the link that Urulókë provided.
10 Sep, 2021
2021-9-10 9:03:57 PM UTC
12 Sep, 2021 (edited)
2021-9-12 10:20:08 AM UTC

Nature of Middle-earth starts at about 4 minutes in.

Praise for Aelfwine's work from 55:00.
13 Sep, 2021
2021-9-13 9:04:11 PM UTC
For our friends from Brazil and for everyone else who speaks Portuguese:

15 Sep, 2021
2021-9-15 3:04:55 PM UTC
The Nature of Middle-earth

Join Dr. Corey Olsen for a free online discussion of Carl F. Hostetter’s beautiful edition of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Nature of Middle-earth.” Tolkien’s later writings, previously unpublished notes, are presented for the first time as of publication just this past summer in the tradition of The History of Middle-earth.

Both natural history and philosophy are integral to the “nature” of Middle-earth, and this work continues to help readers and scholars glimpse the bones and crags and heights of the world we love so well.

On Hobbit Day — September 22, 2021 — the conversation begins.
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