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20 Aug, 2021
2021-8-20 5:51:41 PM UTC

Urulókë wrote:

John Howe wrote an introduction for the book, with some additional thoughts:

Thanks, this answers some of my questions.
26 Aug, 2021 (edited)
2021-8-26 7:56:39 AM UTC
I have tried to find mention of this particular title and have not found anything; I hope you'll accept my apologies that it has been out for a few weeks now already - I just stumbled over it.

J.R.R. Tolkien for Kids. Chicago Review Press

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J.R.R. Tolkien for Kids

Chicago Review Press (2021-08-03)

$19.93 Blackwell's (paperback) - Availability: Usually dispatched within 10 days
$9.18 Biblio (paperback) - Availability: Click to check
$13.49 (Paperback) - Availability: Now
£16.71 (Paperback) - Availability: Now
€23.60 (Taschenbuch) - Availability: Now
$9.18 AbeBooks - Availability: Click to check
$12.39 eBay US - Availability: Click to check
£14.99 eBay UK - Availability: Click to check

1266_612749591853a.jpg 425X336 px
26 Aug, 2021
2021-8-26 8:30:43 AM UTC
The link has a Look Inside option for the book.
26 Aug, 2021
2021-8-26 8:57:28 PM UTC
They offered to send me a review copy (that I am still waiting on) so I hadn't gotten around to writing anything up on it yet - anyone who has a copy, please chime in with your thoughts!
27 Aug, 2021
2021-8-27 12:14:21 AM UTC
Well, the review copy showed up just now. So I will post a review maybe this weekend!

In the meantime, it is a 128 page oversized softcover (11" x 8.5", landscape format) with lots of pictures, sidebars and extras like projects and recipes interspersed. I noticed a few things I would have phrased differently in a very quick scan, but it seems like a fun book that should be interesting to read through more closely. It thanks John Garth and Wayne Hammond in the acknowledgements for various assistance provided - a good indicator that the author had good intentions and was asking the right people, at least. Many (very many) of the photos are credited to Wikimedia Commons and Flickr, but the significant ones that I noted in my quick scan (photos from Tolkien's school years, etc.) were credited and reproduced with explicit permission.
27 Aug, 2021 (edited)
2021-8-27 8:30:12 AM UTC
HarperCollins UK are running a 30% off code over the weekend.

Should work on the following

Please note: we only ship physical products to the UK, the Channel Islands and Ireland

10_6128a26c4ba1d.jpg 607X495 px
27 Aug, 2021
2021-8-27 8:36:52 AM UTC
Hmm for me in Australia ordering from Amazon works out slightly cheaper despite HC’s 30% discount.

It probably didn’t really matter though since it seems that HC only delivers to the UK?
27 Aug, 2021
2021-8-27 11:22:10 AM UTC
Also, for UK buyers, the 30% BH code will take the NoME standard edition below the threshold for free postage...

And not stocking your own deluxe editions is just baffling.
27 Aug, 2021
2021-8-27 6:35:11 PM UTC
Gotta do something to drive home the "deluxe"!
5 Nov, 2021
2021-11-5 6:31:06 PM UTC
Will someone buy the upcoming Pictures (release date: Nov 11)? I'm curious where were they printed.
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