Hi all, and Happy New Year.

I wanted to bring to your attention the recent (Nov 2021) publication of A Sense of Tales Untold: Exploring the Edges of Tolkien's Literary Canvas from Kent State University Press. You can read a bit about it on the publisher's website: https://www.kentstateuniversitypress.com/2021/a-sense-of-tales-untold/

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A Sense of Tales Untold

The Kent State University Press (2021-11-23)

$57.72 Blackwell's (hardback) - Availability: Usually dispatched within 7 days
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$46.99 Amazon.com (Kindle Edition) - Availability: Now
£49.03 Amazon.co.uk (Hardcover) - Availability: Now
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$52.98 AbeBooks - Availability: Click to check
$58.79 eBay US - Availability: Click to check
£52.66 eBay UK - Availability: Click to check

Hope it will be of interest to some of you.