Skwish mentioned in another thread that she was going through a patch of burnout in Tolkien collecting. In addition to the attached poll, I'd love to hear various comments and thoughts on this topic here.

From my personal perspective - every interest waxes and wanes over the years, and Tolkien collecting is a passion that takes a long, long time and a lot of dedicated effort. It is also an endless field - I firmly believe that there is no possible way to have everything (just ask Wayne and Christina)). I find when I get a bit overwhelmed with a particular field of interest that something else pops up - thus the sporadic updates to various areas of the Guide (puzzles, fanzines, etc.) Would love to have additional contributors for their own areas of interest!

But just from sheer overwhelming quantity - I can certainly understand someone hitting a patch of burnout. I have also gone through patches of spousal burnout ("and just where do you plan to put this latest box of smelly old papers?") but somehow we always manage to pull through.