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Have you ever experienced Tolkien collecting burnout?
Never! How dare you even think that!
I've had some doubts, but got better.
I'm burned out now, ask me later if I recover.
I'm selling my collection, interested?
I don't collect Tolkien

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Re: Collector burnout discussion
Just popping in
1969/12/31 16:00
From SoCal, USA
Posts: 12
Um... actually, that patch of burnout I was speaking of was in regard to my archive; not the archive itself, or my personal collecting, but the difficulties resulting from creating it (the mountain of books, primarily).

As far as collecting goes, I go through phases of not actively searching (which doesn't prevent finding!), but my interest level stays pretty steady.

I'm a slightly different breed of collector from this forum's regular crowd, I think. I try to keep the accumulation down to 30 board feet of just my favorites (and I fail ...but the effort is made). I could just be in the world's longest denial, but I think not... it does sound like it would be quite a burden (both in sheer mass and of responsibility) to own one of each thing, even if it were possible, so I operate in a very slow, perpetual upgrade mode. Perhaps I have a perspective in common with the aforementioned spouses because they are wives (as I am) rather than husbands-? Hm. Anyway, I also don't have the spousal burnout problem (so far). But, if you need an excuse for buying that book, try explaining that it's NOT a book, it's a very small piece of real estate; likely to appreciate in value at the same rate as your house, and you needn't pay taxes on it in the meantime. A wife might better understand this reasoning put in those terms... maybe.


~Please don't visit today, the website is on hiatus

Posted on: 2008/7/16 16:45

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