Someone on the Mythopoeic Society mailing list asked this question and I thought someone here might be able to answer (I don't have a copy with me right now)

I have a question for the group about the hardcover "Hobbit: 70th Anniversary Edition" published by Harper Collins in August 2001 (available on both and . The edition is described as

Facsimile First Ed. edition (320 pages)

Does anyone actually own this edition?

Is this really what it appears to be: a fascimile reproduction of the 1937 edition complete with the original text (including the original "Riddles
in the Dark" Chapter (ch.5) and the original black and white illustrations. Does it include any of the colour plates included in the first American

I am puzzled by the reference to the "70th Anniversary" which won't occur until September of this year, unless it refers to the time when Tolkien is first supposed to have started composing "The Hobbit"?

Can anyone shed any light on this?