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TCG YouTube Season 1 Episode 9 - A Review of The Great Tales Never End

17 Jun, 2022 (edited)
2022-6-17 5:36:19 PM UTC

This week Urulókë Trotter and myself review the Bodleian Publishing "The Great Tales Never End" - in honour of Christopher Tolkien.

It is a fantastic book and very highly recommended.

Please note that we were sent free review copies but the opinions are our own.

We will also publish a written review on this site on the day of the UK release, 24th June.

17 Jun, 2022
2022-6-17 7:30:42 PM UTC
You are getting free review copies now. I think you have officially 'made it'
21 Jun, 2022
2022-6-21 9:57:16 AM UTC
Well i've been super excited for this book for months and this review did not dial down my expectations :).

Fortunately when i get home from summer holiday it will be waiting for me.
22 Jun, 2022
2022-6-22 9:23:15 AM UTC
Looks like Blackwell's have copies available signed by Richard Ovenden from the Oxford store.

Oxford Broad Street
48-51 Broad Street

01865 792792
[email protected]

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22 Jun, 2022
2022-6-22 10:08:01 AM UTC
Lovely to see you guys and hear your opinions. I’m looking forward to getting this book (when I can, here in Australia).

I do love the orange and deep blue colour combination too. ?
23 Jun, 2022
2022-6-23 1:00:23 PM UTC
Wonderful book about one of my heroes,Christopher,one of a dying breed...and I'm now finishing my second read. I sadly never met J R R T as he died before he replied to my letter but I met Christopher four times. Wonderful man. The stand out essay for me is The Son Behind the Father by Vincent Ferre.Listening to the music by Verlyn Flieger is pretty damn good too. Oh it's no good really picking out the best bits as it's all good,really good.The Son Behind the Father underlines for me what I always felt since reading the Silmarillion the day it was finally published in 1977,that Christopher was a highly creative artist too,bridging gaps and personal arrangements of his father's material.Christopher was a truly fantastic editor,one of the very best in literature but he was so much more than that,a folklore artist shrouded in the mist of myth intertwined personally and creatively with his father whilst selflessly carrying the ring further and longer than anyone other than his father. I will be eternally grateful for what Christopher did and does for the Tolkien legacy in these uncertain times and his is a stunning achievement. Bravo Sir,you had faery blood and you broke your staff at the end of days but how I've wished over the years that Christopher wrote a biography of his Father which would have been phenomenal although he was evasive when asked and may well have got in the way of further volumes of the history. So much in one lifetime. Such stamina. Such undilution of vision. Such purpose. Such will. Such trust.

J R R Tolkien released so much masterful work. The Hobbit and Lord of the rings are,of course bona fide masterpieces and I adore both,especially Lord of The Rings,but for my money the best was to come,for the quality of writing superior in many parts within the unfinished material to The Hobbit and even The Lord Of The Rings.Tolkien's shining Silmarils really are the History of Middle-earth volumes,Unfinished Tales,and The Silmarillion .All outshining the books released in J R R Tolkien's lifetime. That is Christopher's joint achievement with his father...a silver medal to his father's gold.Oustanding achievement Christopher
I really like the invite too of the 21st party. ...Wheelbarrows at Dawn. RIP
24 Jun, 2022
2022-6-24 6:44:22 PM UTC
Really nice video. Do you think Bodleian will also release the limited edition like they did with Maker of Middle-earth?
24 Jun, 2022
2022-6-24 7:18:58 PM UTC

Enynigh wrote:

Really nice video. Do you think Bodleian will also release the limited edition like they did with Maker of Middle-earth?

I would be very surprised if they did, I think this will be the only edition.
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