[The following information has been provided by Nigel Sustins]


A series of audio CDs has been produced of talks given at Church House, Westminster relating to the group of writers who formed the ‘Inklings’: C S Lewis, J R R Tolkien, Charles Williams, and other writers who influenced them, including George MacDonald. The recordings were made by Nigel Sustins, then Manager of Church House Bookshop. Each CD is 70-75 minutes in length.

Archive 2. ‘Facets of Tolkien’ contains talks given on 16th September 1977, to mark the publication of ‘The Silmarillion’.
[Track 1] Priscilla Tolkien, the Professor’s daughter;
[Track 2] Humphrey Carpenter,Tolkien’s biographer.
The other two recordings on this CD are from a meeting on 3rd October 1980, organised to celebrate the publication of ‘Unfinished Tales’.
[Track 3] Rayner Unwin, Tolkien’s publisher, discussing future plans to issue new Tolkien material;
[Track 4] Rayner Unwin answering questions.

The Inklings Archives are produced in a limited edition of 100 sets. ‘Facets of Tolkien’ is authenticated by a photograph of the signatures in a copy of ‘The Silmarillion’ (Priscilla Tolkien, Humphrey Carpenter, Rayner Unwin, two of Tolkien’s granddaughters and Pauline Baynes, the artist, all of whom were present at the event), each photograph bearing the number of the copy and initialled by Nigel Sustins. The recordings were made on tape (up to 30 years old) but have been converted to digital format and transferred to CD, and any deficiency is more than made up for by the unique and historic nature of the material. To protect any copyright the recordings should be used only for educational or private purposes, and must not be copied, played in public or re-sold.

Please note: the Tolkien Society in Britain is selling other versions of the Tolkien material, but not in limited editions.

Each CD costs GBP 15.00, post free worldwide (payment from outside the UK must be made by PayPal). Also available on Abebooks.com and Amazon UK (the latter make a postage charge).

For further information contact: Nigel Sustins, Rose Cottage, Wentnor, Bishops Castle, Shropshire, SY9 5EE, UK, Tel. 01588 650590; email [email protected]