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Worldwide screenings of Episodes 1 and 2 August 31st

21 Aug, 2022
2022-8-21 2:00:40 PM UTC

Amazon will be hosting free Global Fan Screenings in 200 theaters across US, CA, UK, Ireland, Argentina, Colombia, Australia and New Zealand on August 31 at 7pm local time – two days before the series premieres on Prime Video.

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22 Aug, 2022
2022-8-22 4:34:31 PM UTC
The website appears to be live now, it has 4 locations in the UK, so it may be difficult to find any location that is local, US coverage looks very good, using Cinemark theatres.

It lists from 32.7km to 245.4km for me
22 Aug, 2022
2022-8-22 4:39:59 PM UTC
I'm in Northern California and there were a lot of options at first. The theater I will be going to (Century DOCO in Sacramento) still has seats available at this time - if anyone else ends up going there, let's try to meet up!
22 Aug, 2022
2022-8-22 5:03:14 PM UTC
I snagged some tickets for here in Houston!
22 Aug, 2022
2022-8-22 5:12:44 PM UTC
My fellowship grabbed six! This will be fun.
22 Aug, 2022
2022-8-22 7:39:36 PM UTC
Grabbed two in Oxford because London sold out so quickly. Don't understand why they only have 4 options in the UK. Seems like Amazon really missed a trick here...
22 Aug, 2022
2022-8-22 8:07:32 PM UTC
There were more than 4 locations in UK but it was hard to get the website to show them all. I had to click on Manchester and it then showed Newcastle and by clicking on Newcastle it showed 3 locations in Scotland where I live.
23 Aug, 2022
2022-8-23 2:14:15 AM UTC
Where in Houston, Mr. Underhill? It would be nice to meet such excellent company.
23 Aug, 2022
2022-8-23 2:22:59 AM UTC

Gil-Estel wrote:

Where in Houston, Mr. Underhill? It would be nice to meet such excellent company.

You should join the Houston Tolkien society group. We meet up often
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