Urulókë wrote:

New Silesian translation of the Hobbit coming from Silesian Progress

Translated by Grzegorza Kulika
Cover art by Grzegorz Chudy

The edition is still in final layout/production stage, so a publication date will be announced soon.

The book is not yet listed on their website, but contact information is if you need it: https://www.silesiaprogress.com/

Announcement was made on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SklepSlaski/p ... CR8w9ZNJcFCHzXZmExseXYxNl

This book is now published and shipping.

https://www.silesiaprogress.com/pl/sea ... bit/1/default/5?url=hobit

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Ends 2023/4/5 13:42:14
EUR 14.99
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