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Priscilla signature on eBay?

21 Feb, 2007
2007-2-21 6:32:37 PM UTC

Not having a PT signature myself to compare against, what do people think of this auction?

Priscilla Tolkien signed book on eBay

Seems strange to be signed twice to different people, plus the Rosemary signature page has more handwriting on the backside that you can kind of see through the paper. Almost looks like a letter or something (one of the Father Christmas letters?)
21 Feb, 2007
2007-2-21 8:13:06 PM UTC
authors sister priscilla

Maybe I don't remember well my Father Christmas Letters, or maybe I forgot something about the Tolkiens' family tree, but isn't Priscilla the author's daughter?
21 Feb, 2007
2007-2-21 8:32:22 PM UTC
The second auction image does look a little odd, but the seller will hopefully explain if asked...

Here are a couple of images to compare with:

Image 1

Image 2
21 Feb, 2007
2007-2-21 8:33:53 PM UTC
Priscilla is old indeed... but a daughter indeed! Here is a pictures of another autograph by her (genuine one)

2_45dcacb1c75e3.jpg 248X400 px
22 Feb, 2007
2007-2-22 5:50:18 PM UTC
Seller seems nice enough. The second signature/dedication is on a loose sheet of stationery laid in, with a third signature on the back ("Mary Dentry" he thinks) dated 1974. Sounds like "Cookie" was gathering autographs, possibly at an event of some sort. The current seller bought the book at a bookfair in 2002, so he doesn't have much provenance on it, but I think the signatures look reasonable.
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